How do I get more information?

Contact Ravitch Program director Greg David at greg.david@journalism.cuny.edu.

Can I discuss a proposal informally?


What kinds of stories are you seeking?

The program defines fiscal policy broadly. Of course, it includes budget issues, debt, pensions and other post-employment obligations and funding for them. A high priority is given to mismanagement and chicanery. It also includes tax policy and its implications and how fiscal stress changes governmental priorities. Both topics on specific states and localities and projects with a national focus will be considered. Stories on specific topics, on broad public policy issues and the consequences of fiscal policy will all be considered.

What types of reporters are eligible?

The reporting program grants are available to both reporters at established media outlets, nonprofit media organizations and to freelancers.

What if I work at an established media outlet?

Full-time reporters at established media outlets should explain how the money will allow investigative, in-depth, data-based work that would not normally be pursued by their employer. Partnerships between different types of media will be given priority.

What if I work at a non-profit?

Explain how the money will allow coverage not normally provided for in the budget.

What if I am a freelancer?

The Ravitch Program will provide editorial direction and other support, editing and work with you on placing the story, which must be approved by the Ravitch Program.

What does the stipend cover?

The stipend — $5,000 a month for up to three months — is intended to cover travel and research expenses incurred in reporting the stories and to assist with the Fellows’ living expenses.

What role does the Ravitch program play?

In addition to financial support, the Ravitch Program provides editorial guidance throughout the reporting program grant.

We will work closely with Fellows to develop and refine their ideas during the reporting phase and edit their drafts into publishable stories. The extent of our editorial role will depend on the needs of the outlet in which the piece will appear.

What happens to any payments for the article?

Any fees the publication pays will go to the grantee.

Can students apply?

Generally speaking, no. The reporting program grant is open only to journalists with several years of work experience in journalism. A veteran journalist who has returned to school could apply, however.

Will the Ravitch Program fund a book proposal?

No. We do not fund book proposals. While we’re aware that many long-form articles provide the basis for a book, our goal is to support strong, publishable stories that can run in print, radio or digital outlets. If you are working on a book and think that a piece of it can be developed into a stand-alone article, please focus on that angle in your pitch. And let us know in your application if you have a book contract for the subject of your proposed article.