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The Ravitch Fiscal Reporting Program at the Craig Newmark Graduate School of Journalism at the City University of New York  provides advanced training in state and local fiscal issues through week-long and weekend programs emphasizing in-depth knowledge of key controversies, overcoming reporting challenges and improving storytelling. It will help reporters stay on top of breaking issues through its email newsletter and website, and create a network of reporters covering the beat.


The Ravitch Program is funded by generous grants from Richard Ravitch, long-time New York civic leader, and the Laura and John Arnold Foundation.


The Ravitch Fiscal Program is developed and executed exclusively by the Newmark J-School under the direction of Greg David, director of the Ravitch Program and the Business and Economic Reporting Program of the Newmark J-School and with the advice of Dean Sarah Bartlett. The reporting programs are selected by Greg David with the advice of the dean. The donors have no role in the editorial content of the program.


“Palm Springs retiree health costs exceed all other desert cities combined,” by Jesse Marx, Desert Sun

“Emanuel’s short-term budget solutions will cost $1 billion in interest,” by Peter Matuszak, Chicago Tribune

“Despite strong economy, budgets are breaking across San Diego county,” by Ashly McGlone, Voice of San Diego

“Florida legislators hide projects in university budgets,” by Arek Sarkissian, Naple News

“Advocates concerned about proposals to block grant Medicaid,” by Kate Gimmarise, Post Gazette

“Trumped Towers;” One More Thing Trump Has Thrown Into Choas, Portland’s Affordable Housing Market,” by Dick VanderHart, Portland Mecury

“Despite Reforms, City and County Pensions Are Billions Short,” by Ashley McGlone, Voice of San Diego

“Paying for retirees has never cost LA taxpayers more,” by Peter Jamison, L.A. Times

“Past Due,” Illinois NPR budget project

“Illinois Issues: The Cost of Doing Business Without a Budget,” by Jamey Dunn, NPR Illinois

California’s Pension Gap” by Jack Dolan, L.A. Times

Massive State and Local Pension Debt Often Means Higher Taxes” by Maria Koklanaris, Tax Analysts

Bank run? $220 million withdrawn in 6 weeks from troubled Dallas Police and Fire Pension Fund” by Tristan Hallman, Dallas News

Dallas voters will be asked to cut city pensions. But will it be enough?” by Tristan Hallman, Dallas News

Can Dallas Police and Fire Pension fund be saved? Officials propose changes to head off insolvency?” by Tristan Hallman, Dallas News

Pay raises for Dallas Police will come at a high price to city” by Tristan Hallman, Dallas News

“Locals owe Calpers $368 million, but pension costs dropping,” by Jesse Mark, Desert Sun

“How a year and a half of pension progress was wiped out in just three months,” by

Stock market tumble could keep pension funds behind,” by Geoff Mulvihill, Yahoo

“Utah turns to stress tests to help prepare for future downturns,” By William Lucia, Route Fifty

“City Slashes Savings Account to Buy Police and Fire Vehicles,” by Amos Bridges, Springfield News-Leader

“Detroit is unique but there are lessons from Detroit for distressed cities,” by Lindsay VanHulle, Crains’ Detroit

“Is Keeping an NBA Team in Milwaukee Worth the Money,” by Bill Lucia, Route Fifty

“After a few years afloat, pension plans start sinking again,” by Liz Farmer, Governing.com

“Court says Christie can cut pension,” by Jessica Gould, WNYC

“City pension fund courting more risk in chase for higher returns,” by Robert McClendon, NOLA

“Democratic mayoral candidates not talking about DROP,” by Claudia Vargas, Philly.com

“$15 billion: What Mass. needs to pay retiree insurance benefits but doesn’t have” by Shira Schoenberg, Crossroads

“Pennsylvania Pensions: Is the promise broken” by Crossroads

“Candidates ignore city’s biggest issue: Pensions” by Claudia Vargas, Philly.com

“State retirement incentive could cause exodus’‘ by Shira Schoenberg, MassLive

“Detroit Schools Finances Are In a Freefall,” by Chad Livengood, Detroit News

“Pension Fight Comes to a Head in Memphis” by Timothy Martin, Wall Street Journal

“Michigan pays price for auto investment” by Chad Livengood, Detroit News

“Amid rising costs, New Orleans employee pension fund under pressure to trim benefits” by Robert McClendon, NOLA

“Medicaid costs spiked $1 billion in Massachusetts primarily due to Affordable Care Act” by Shira Schoenberg, Mass Live

“Griffin: Municipal retirees’ insurance cost taxpayers millions” by Jake Griffin, Daily Herald

“Michigan House agency: $454M shortfall this year” by Chad Livengood, Detroit News

“Hegar suggests shift strategy rainy-day fund” by Aman Batheja, Texas Tribune

“Beware of localities borrowing retiree costs” by Chad Livengood, Detroit News

“Wolf’s budget includes pension borrowing” by Mary Wilson, WITF

“Rauner plan could cost suburbs 25% of reserves” by Jake Griffin, Daily Herald