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  • The Politics of Budgets

    Why Mayors Make Dumb Decisions
  • Understanding Pensions

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The Ravitch Fiscal Reporting Program was the best week of journalism I’ve had in a long time, and perhaps ever. Resources for news training are extremely scarce in my part of the country, as is time, so attending the all-expenses paid program was like winning the lottery.”


The Ravitch Fiscal Reporting Program will hold two in-person all-week fiscal reporting sessions this summer. The first one will be the week of June 6-11 and the second will be August 8-13.

Both will cover the traditional topics of budgets, bonds, pensions and tax incentives as well as a deep dive into the pandemic and how it has affected local governments.

Applications being accepted through April 1.  Even if you have been accepted before for one of the cancelled 2020 sessions, you will need to apply again although preference will be given to those who were accepted and weren’t able to attend.

An estimated 40 slots could be available for the two sessions combined, though the n umber may be reduced depending on CBC guidelines.
The application is here: https://ravitch.journalism.cuny.edu/application.

Reporters and editors will be notified of acceptance beginning at the end of March. Acceptance will be tentative because you will need to be NOT subject to NYS quarantine rules to attend. But we believe those rules will be greatly relaxed by May, when we will confirm the June group and set the number of hotel rooms and ask you to make your transportation reservations.

As always, the program will pay all your transportation, hotel and food expenses. You are only responsible for personal expenses.

Any questions, just email greg.david@journalism.cuny.edu


The Ravitch Fiscal Reporting Program at the Craig Newmark Graduate School of Journalism at the City University of New York  provides advanced training in state and local fiscal issues through week-long and weekend programs emphasizing in-depth knowledge of key controversies, overcoming reporting challenges and improving storytelling. It will help reporters stay on top of breaking issues through its email newsletter and website, and create a network of reporters covering the beat. The Ravitch Program is funded by generous grants from Richard Ravitch, long-time New York civic leader, and the Laura and John Arnold Foundation.