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The Ravitch Fiscal Reporting Program was the best week of journalism I’ve had in a long time, and perhaps ever. Resources for news training are extremely scarce in my part of the country, as is time, so attending the all-expenses paid program was like winning the lottery.”

The Ravitch Fiscal Reporting Program at the CUNY J School provides advanced training in state and local fiscal issues through week-long and weekend programs emphasizing in-depth knowledge of key controversies, overcoming reporting challenges and improving storytelling. It will help reporters stay on top of breaking issues through its email newsletter and website, and create a network of reporters covering the beat. The Ravitch Program is funded by generous grants from Richard Ravitch, long-time New York civic leader, and the Laura and John Arnold Foundation.


For editors, editorial page editors and writers and reporters by invitation

The Ravitch Program will convene a two-day session on Monday Jan. 29 and Tuesday Jan. 30 to assess the impact of the Republican tax bill and states and localities, focusing on fiscal issues but covering topics ranging from health care to infrastructure to politics. The session is designed for editors and editorial page editors.

Reporters have attended previous Ravitch sessions may also apply by emailing Greg David.

The Ravitch Program will pay all expenses including transportation to New York, ground transportation in New York and meals. The sessions will be at the CUNY Graduate School of Journalism in New York’s Times Square.

Space is limited and applications will be reviewed and accepted as they are submitted. Reporters will be accepted early in January.

To be considered fill out the application here:


For more information contact Ravitch Program director Greg David at greg.david@journalism.cuny.edu.


The Ravitch Fiscal Reporting Program continues its support of in-depth reporting on the aftermath of the recent hurricanes with grants to the Corpus Christi Caller-Times and the Centro de Periodismo Investigativo in Puerto Rico.

The Caller-Times, a part of The USA TODAY Network,  will receive $10,000 to probe the fiscal and economic impact of Hurricane Harvey on South Texas, which is heavily dependent on tourism. The Caller-Times expects to publish at least four stories in the early months of 2018 tracking relief funds, the effort to rebuild in time for the crucial spring tourism season, as well as the long-term effects for the communities. The grant will pay for the hiring of additional reporting resources, support for data, and money for travel to the affected areas.

The Centro de Periodismo Investigativo will investigate the fiscal options for Puerto Rico since Hurricane Maria has completely upended the financial plan proposed under the Promesa restructuring law. Publication is expected in early in 2018 near the 100-day anniversary of the hurricane’s landing. The $15,000 grant will pay for the hiring of a reporter and data journalist and to pay for visual elements as well as travel and related expenses.

Earlier, the Ravitch program provided a $20,000 grant to the non-profit news site the Texas Tribune for coverage of the fiscal impact of Hurricane Harvey on Houston and the state of Texas. The Tribune has already published four stories funded by the grant with the expectation of several more by the grant’s expiration in 2018.

The Ravitch Fiscal Reporting Program provides support for ambitious and in-depth fiscally oriented reporting. The projects funded so far can be viewed here.

To apply for a grant, fill out the application here or contact director Greg David at greg.david@journalism.cuny.edu.


The Ravitch Program offers on online fiscal reporting course for reporters unable to attend the full week seminar in New York.

Click here to check out and sign up for the course.