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  • The Politics of Budgets

    Why Mayors Make Dumb Decisions
  • Understanding Pensions

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Next Ravitch Programs Will Be in the Summer 2022

Both Ravitch Fiscal Reporting Programs for January 2022 are filled: the five-day Fiscal Reporting deep dive and the three-day Local Economics Reporting seminar.

The next sessions will be scheduled for the summer of 2022 in early April. Watch this space if you’d like to apply.

The five-day fiscal reporting session covers a deep dive into state and local budgets, bonds, pensions, tax incentives and the pandemic’s impact as well as the Biden changes to federal policy affecting states and cities.

The three-day local economics program will cover ways to track local economies, sophisticated coverage of local employment numbers, and the extensive series of other local indicators. A session will be devoted to how to integrate coverage of inequality and the safety net as well as segments on real estate and small business.

You can check out the schedule on the schedule page of the web site.

The program pays all costs for travel, hotel and meals. There is no charge for attending.

Questions? Email greg.david@journalism.cuny.edu

The Ravitch Fiscal Reporting Program was the best week of journalism I’ve had in a long time, and perhaps ever. Resources for news training are extremely scarce in my part of the country, as is time, so attending the all-expenses paid program was like winning the lottery.”



The Ravitch Fiscal Reporting Program at the Craig Newmark Graduate School of Journalism at the City University of New York  provides advanced training in state and local fiscal issues through week-long and three-day programs emphasizing in-depth knowledge of key controversies, overcoming reporting challenges and improving storytelling. It will help reporters stay on top of breaking issues through emails, social media, website, and by creating a network of reporters covering the beat. The Ravitch Program is funded by generous grants from Richard Ravitch, long-time New York civic leader.